Sunday, October 14, 2018

Where Can I Meet a Wizard?

Bryce – the canyon of thousands of colors, the home to Magi, Sorcerers and Wizards. The positive healing energy of the place is literally off the charts. It is amazing. This place is unique, mystical. It is magical.
             Local shamans guard the sacred underground water. It is not only alive, it possesses magical properties. This water changes awareness and consciousness. Unsuspecting visitors can only catch a glimpse of the ever-altering perception of the landscape by looking at the hoodoos (rock formations) during different times of the day. They change their color from grey to blue to pink to orange, and then to yellow, red and purple. When the sun shines upon the rocks, they seem transparent. The canyon sings, and the song changes as the colors change. It sings of children of the Sun and the Wind. It sings of Gypsies.
             As you walk along the canyons, not only the colors and the sounds change, the pressure, the temperature and the weather changes too. I started one day at the top of the canyon. It was a cold, crisp morning. As I kept walking down, it started to rain heavily. I kept walking, wet to the bones. It suddenly became dry and very hot. Then windy and chilly. The canyon was playing with me, testing my determination and perseverance. It doesn’t share its secrets freely. You have to earn its trust. Then you are initiated into the family of the Magi that know the secrets of altering time and space.
I sat down on a rock bench, closed my eyes and listened intently. I tuned in to the whisper of the rocks, of the rock beings. They talked. They said, “People, do you know how happy you are? You can move! You can travel from place to place. This alone is enough for you to be happy beyond measure for the rest of your life. We are jealous of you, people. You are the lucky ones, although many of you don’t understand this. Yet try it: stand next to us and keep standing as long as you can. Don’t move, stand completely motionless, as if you are rooted to the ground. How long will you be able to stand like this? One day? What about one night? The wind will blow from all directions. The rain will pour from above. The heat will try to reduce you to ashes. Yet you stand, not moving. Yet you stand, completely motionless. Breathe in, breathe out. The rocks also have a soul. The rocks also want to move. Those rocks that fall down the mountains – they are the lucky ones. They are able to move even if only for several minutes during all their long lives. In this they will gather many fleeting impressions to remember for the rest of their lives – for the next few million years. The rocks do not complain--no, they do not. They are surprised at how many of us don’t understand happiness. The stones are alive and are able to read the thoughts of all people walking next to them. “Look, here comes a gloomy person. We are trying to cheer him up, to transfer our positive energy to him but his head is so filled with his gloomy thoughts that he is not able to hear us. You can hear us because you are listening to us. A rare person is listening to us. Yet we are missing the communication with people. Come here often, listen to us, and ask us about anything you wish. Tell us what you’ve seen that is beautiful in your life of movement. You don’t even have to say a word. Simply imagine beautiful places in nature. The more beautiful your thoughts are, the happier we will become in our soul, the more joyful our rocky life will be. Come here often: we’ll share our strong, powerful energy with you. We’ll share our secrets.”

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