Friday, July 25, 2008

Russian Gypsy Formula for Health

One day, my mom came home and said that she got cancer. I was a teenager and I didn't know anything about cancer but I could see fear in my mom’s eyes. Soon, my mom got hospitalized and I came to visit her in the hospital. I was so happy that I could finally see my mom that I walked in with a big smile on my face. But as I was walking from one part of the hospital to another, I noticed that NO ONE was smiling. The patients were not smiling, the nurses were not smiling, the doctors were not smiling. The hospital was very quiet. Everyone whispered. When I found my mom, she immediately told me to stop smiling. Why? I asked. It is not polite. All of these patients are going to die. This is the floor for terminal patients. Her mom died here of cancer when I was a little kid.
I was in shock. I wanted to talk to my mom's doctor. I run into the office and saw a middle-aged woman, my mom's doctor. She looked very sad. I told her my name. The lady began to cry.
In Russia, medical care is free for everyone and doctors get paid less than a janitor in America. Only those who are really passionate about helping patients get better go into medical profession. My mom's doctor really cared but there was nothing she could do.
My mom had no other choice but to turn to alternative medicine. She decided to use an old Russian Gypsy formula for physical health. Twenty-five years later she is alive and well.

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