Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Can I Become a Minimalist?

I moved to the US to study in college with two bags. My pillow was in the first bag; a cup with a spoon, a dictionary and some clothes in the second. I am Gypsy by nationality. Gypsies have traveled in a small wagon for centuries. All family possessions were in this small wagon. Everything was impeccably clean and well taken care of. Every possession mattered and had a history. We now live in a disposable world. Clothes are disposable (not mended), girlfriends/boyfriends are disposable (next on the dating app!), things are disposable (is that a new IPhone?). We have more and value less. What can we do?
  1. Stop buying; start exchanging. Clothing exchange is a wonderful way to get new clothes. You get rid of the old ones and get new ones without cluttering your closet.
  2. Keep only what you definitely love AND use a lot.
  3. When you don’t have clutter in your room, your mind works better; you get more creative ideas. Clear room equals clear thinking.
  4. Find an alternative to shopping. How about a hike in the woods? Pick up a beautiful rock from nature instead of a new t-shirt.
  5. Imagine each item in your house as alive. Items that you love emanate positive energy. Items that are broken, not loved and not used emanate negative energy. This will inspire you to practice a minimalist lifestyle: You simply can’t take good care of too many items!
  6. Pay more attention to non-material things. A conversation with a friend. Listening to the rain. Walking barefoot on grass. Making a stranger smile.
  7. You will quickly realize how much money you save by not buying unnecessary things. What will you spend it on? How about a trip to Hawaii? Create memories, not clutter.
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